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Parties could be don’t everywhere. We choose to go out with our friends or sometimes with our family members and relatives just to go to a club or to a party to make ourselves have fun and enjoy the day or night. Some people would even have their own birthday party in a restaurant because of the limited time to prepare or they don’t have utensils and enough space to have it done in their homes. Most of the teenagers now would like a different kind of experience in which they would cherish it for a longer time like the one that is very crazy and out of this world themed party inside the Denver party bus. This kind of party bus would give you an exciting feeling and the memory in your mind and life that you can’t easily forget. But what if you are on a tight budget. We need to think of something that we can still celebrate the occasion without spending too much money. That is the reason why we are going to enumerate those kinds of parties that you can actually celebrate just in your apartment. This is common especially for those students who are still studying in the university but they are far away from their parents to celebrate that important time of their life.  


  1. You could have a housewarming type of party event. If you are just new to the apartment or it is your first time to start your life living in this kind of lifestyle for the whole and entire college life. This cherishes it with this kind of party. You can invite your friends and classmate to make this one special day a memorable one.  
  2. If you would like to make it simple yet nice and captivating. Then, you could plan ahead of time of a dinner party You don’t need to spend too much money buying those expensive foods. You can actually cook and start decorating your place. You won’t need to invite a lot of people. You can get in touch with your close friends and then try to convince them to have a dinner party with you. You can watch movies while having dinner or you can have a good and fun conversation while enjoying the meal that you have prepared.  
  3. If you wanted to make it more super fun and exciting. Then, most of the teenagers would like to consider having a themed party. This one will make and show the creativity of one person. They could wear whatever they want as long as it follows the rules. For example, you wanted it to be like an animated themed-party. So, everyone who is invited needs to wear costumes that is related to animated series or cartoon characters.  
  4. This is the most common kind of party that people would like to celebrate in their apartment- the karaoke party. You can enjoy singing songs while having meal or snacks. This way you can show your singing skill.  

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