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Common Concerns of Elder Orphans

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There is a something that needs to be addressed when it comes to senior citizens. Older adults that have a strong support system because they have families and friends they can go to. However, for elder orphans or senior citizens that doesn’t have the same system and will mostly rely on Arizona trained caregivers for their well- being.

The following are some common concerns that elder orphans are more prone to.

  1. Elder orphans who doesn’t have the support system of friends and family can feel terribly lonely at times. It is something that is crippling for some most especially if the senior citizen is mostly dependent to others for care.
  2. Social Isolation. Senior citizens who is used to living alone is socially isolated. They are aging alone and they do not enjoy social activities and make connections. This can become a problem as this can prove to depress, lead to medical complications and also there would be a decrease in mobility or function. This can get dangerous because they have limited support in times of emergency.
  3. Elder orphans who doesn’t have the support system maybe in more ways than one prone to abuse. That could come in the form of physical abuse, emotional abuse or even financial abuse. People without good intentions will steal and manipulate them and that could not be a good idea. People will take advantage of their weakness and will do them harm because of it.
  4. Legal Support. Elder orphans most of the time lack the legal support needed to create a legal protection against any type of bad decision. The attorney can also have the power to make legal decision about the appropriate medical assistance needed for the elder orphan.

However, elder orphans especially ones who doesn’t have anyone to guide them about that particular stage in their life can be very much vulnerable to a number of things. That is why being aware and having the chance to make a decision on what happens to them in the future is essential for their well being.

The community may arrange for an awareness program so that friends, family and even the senior citizens are aware of the options of what they can do for that near future. Being aware and being prepared for that may be taxing for some but it is necessary to protect themselves from scams or other ill- intentions.

Everybody has the right to prepare themselves to live independently as possible. It is something that is like self preservation and that it should be worked up on. There are things to consider and prepare. Elder orphans most especially should be prepared for the inevitable and create and strive to get to that point.

Assisted living centers is there to give senior citizens a reprieve of the worries of life. They are there to care for them, assist them and look after their well- being. It is something that is necessary in the community for people who needed it.

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