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Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

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You’ve had worked done on your lawn and although it is a Holyoke landscaping job well done. You don’t really want to lose all that work done in the space. That could mean two things a waste of investment and an ugly lawn. Good thing that there are lawn care tips and tricks you can try to ensure that nothing bad happens to it and still have that maintained beauty of the landscaping work done.

  1. Don’t over- mow your lawn. This is perhaps the biggest mistake and individual or property owner could do to lawn care. If you cut the grass blade far too short it won’t bode well for the grass and thus your lawn. It would mean that you don’t have to frequently mow your lawn but your damaging it in the long run.

When mowing your lawn also make sure that the blades of the mower is sharp so as to create a clean cut to the grass blade. When cutting grass blade make sure that you cut only 1/3 of the length of the grass blade as to ensure that you aren’t damaging the lawn.

  1. Regular watering your lawn is also important to maintain a healthy lawn. However, you have to remember that timing is key to this. The best time to water lawn is early morning before 10 am if you could because the water won’t evaporate immediately and will have time to be absorb by the plants and the soil.

Another reminder is to never water your lawn at night as it could cause fungal growth because water won’t evaporate due to the cooler temperature. You don’t really want this to happen to your lawn as this could damage your lawn and you might have to work from square one.

  1. Do not over fertilize your lawn. It is important to remember that there should be balance to everything and although fertilizer is good for your lawn as it can boost nutrient and growth. Too much of it can cause burns in your lawn. You don’t really want that to happen so it may be best to know the right amount of fertilizer to use.

Lawn fertilizers will depend on the kind of grass that you have at home. If you aren’t sure how much you have to make use. Ask an expert for help, that way you wont’ be damaging your lawn in the long run.

Caring for your lawn requires understanding to the dynamics of plants and temperature. It is a responsibility that should be taken into account always. Doing so will ensure that you know how to take care of your lawn. Of course, you can also take the easy way out of having someone else take care of your lawn. However, you must know that the person you hire understand that very dynamic. Caring for a lawn is a job that should be taken seriously.

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