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What Can You Do with Old Tires?

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A lot of things get old, used, weary, and torn. Tires are good examples of these things that will eventually become useless once they reach their end of life. The disposal of old tires in the landfill became a huge concern all over the world. With these tires big, bulky, and heavy, they tend to take up a quarter of the landfill’s total area.

But that’s not the only concern you have with old tires. They also emit hazardous chemicals into the air and soil due to their heavy metal content as they decay over time. Old tires are also the favorite breeding grounds of pests, such as rodents and mosquitoes. There has to be something that can be done with old tires.

The Concept of Tire Recycling

Because of the pressing concern about old tires disposal, researches looked into the possibility of recycling old tires. Fortunately, they were able to find ways to make old tires useful again and not fill up the landfills instead. Statistics show that over one billion tires were disposed of annually all over the world.

There are now many ways to recycle tires and one of their most notable uses is a coal alternative. Many factories use coal for energy, more particularly the ones that produce steel. Instead of coal, which is a natural resource that can be depleted, old tires can be used instead. Rubber is combustible and it produces cleaner fuel at that.

Other Ways to Recycle Tires

Aside from being used as an alternative fuel source, old tires may also be recycled to extract the rubber so it can be used again in other products that require it. The rubber used for playgrounds, shoes, and sandals is usually made with recycled rubber obtained from old tires.

Tire recycling also has various applications in the construction industry and civil engineering. Engineers have found a way to use the rubber from the tires as fillers to their structural or roadway projects. What’s more, the thin wires inside these tires are also extracted and taken to steel plants for recycling.

The Benefits of Tire Recycling

There are many benefits to tire recycling instead of throwing them away along with your other trash. Every vehicle has four sets of tires. Motorcycles, on the other hand, have two. It will only take five to ten years until these tires wear out and have to be replaced. If you send old tires away to the landfills, it won’t be surprising to know that it will be filled up sooner than expected.

Be a responsible car owner and dispose of your old tires properly. Do your share and find out more about recycled tires Perth. By gaining more information on how tires are recycled in your area, you’ll learn where to find the businesses that collect in old tires. Call up these entities and make sure that you bring your old tires only to them. That’s how you can help in preserving the environment in your own little way.

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